The revolution is beginning!

Your game-changer for your darts performance

Are you interested in taking your darts skills to the next level? With greater accuracy and reproducible throws? In other words, do you want to leave your opponents for dust?

A real game-changer for the world of darts! Here are your: Triple20® Dartsshoes for greater precision and perfection in every throw!


Better skills and higher scores with Triple20® darts shoes

If you want top performance, you need top equipment that will help you reach the heights you’re aiming for.

Triple20® Dartsshoes are the world’s first darts shoes and a solid foundation for improving the accuracy of your throws. Regardless of your preferred foot position when throwing (side-on, angled or best foot forward), or whether you put your weight on your left or right leg, the specially designed front edges allow you to align yourself perfectly with the oche/throw line/throw line)

As well as this, the aiming points marked on the edge of the shoes allow you to position your throws with maximum precision and reproducibility. This means that you can position your standing leg at the oche/throw line quickly, easily and – above all – consistently.

Key benefits at a glance:

Triple20® Dartsshoes

Specially designed front edges for perfect positioning at the oche/throw line

Aiming points marked on the edge of the shoes allow you to position your throws with maximum precision and reproducibility

Secure footing thanks to non-slip, hard-wearing special soles made of thermoplastic rubber (TR)

Insoles made of ultra-comfy polyurethane (PU)

Outstanding comfort – ideal for stepping up to the line

First-class materials and workmanship

High-quality smooth leather and velour or breathable mesh textile

Available in a variety of styles and colours

Hit the spot with any of these models!

Choose your secret darts weapon!

One hundred and eeeeeeiiiiiiiighty!

Qualität & Komfort ganz nach deinem Geschmack

Sporting your stylish Triple20® darts shoes not only shows that you take your darts seriously but also that you have impeccable taste. Choose your own personal favourite from a wide range of colours and designs. Whether full leather in combination with smooth leather and velour or the very latest in breathable mesh textiles, any Triple20® model is sure to hit the spot!

Produced in Europe, this footwear is built to last, with high-quality, exceptionally durable materials and first-class workmanship.
The extra-comfortable and hard-wearing soles made of thermoplastic rubber prevent slipping and allow you to step up to the oche/throw line with confidence. The soft polyurethane insoles are comfortable to wear – even for all-day matches.

But don’t forget to take them off before you go to bed!

We are the inventors and owners of the darts shoes and are delighted to share our vision with you.

Wolfgang Marx

Wolfgang Marx

Jürgen Bloch

Jürgen Bloch

“Darts is more than just a pub game: it’s a real sporting challenge with plenty of fun, drama and excitement!”

Protected design

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Feel for darts

Our shoes give you a better feel for playing darts, boosting your confidence and your concentration too

Produced in Europe

Quality is the name of the game!