From our unique vision to the world’s first darts shoes

We at Triple20® Dartsshoes have been in thrall to the wonderful world of darts for many years. So we know that the secret to a good average not only lies in lots of practice, talent and high-quality darts … there is another key factor to consider:

The secret weapon for better darts skills is having the perfect throwing position

Taking up a random position somewhere behind the line for each throw doesn’t really sound like a recipe for accuracy and consistency. There has to be a better way. A faster and more professional way.

A way not only to find the ideal stance and throwing position but also to reproduce it every time you step up to the oche/throw line.

Shouldn’t darts players have shoes that are geared towards their exact needs – just like in other sports? Shoes that are specially designed to help us darts players bring out the best in our game. Yes, of course! After all, the rounded edges of regular sports shoes mean that your throwing position and the exact angle of your foot to the oche/throw line are often more guesswork than precision.

But the exact and reproducible positioning and secure footing offered by special darts shoes allow you to concentrate on your throwing technique – and on chalking up those high scores!

So there should be a darts shoe that addresses the weaknesses of regular shoes and turns them into advantages for players. A cool and stylish shoe that also has comfortable, non-slip, hard-wearing soles. In short, a darts shoe that enhances your skills and are a joy to wear. And now there is!

As well as our longstanding passion for darts, we have years of experience in the shoe industry – so it was only natural for us to design these darts shoes ourselves.

And so the idea for the world’s first ever special darts shoes was born! After a few years of developing and fine-tuning our designs, we now have a product that is ready to work its magic: Triple20® Dartsshoes

And you can buy them. Every kind of sport has special equipment designed to make it safer and to enhance the players’ natural skills. This is especially the case with darts: once you’ve tried them, we guarantee you’ll never go back to regular shoes.